I made a trip to Swee Lee at Bras Basah Complex today to pick up a microphone stand. There were too many models to choose from. Got hold of a more experienced-looking employee who gave me a good overview on choosing and using microphones (he even told me which mic stand was of inferior quality) and I settled for one that was reasonably priced. The studio chairs and scoresheet stands looked very tempting but I refrained.
Next was a nostalgic visit to Basheer bookstore, a favourite haunt of art students and designers. Beautiful books and magazines galore – if only I had the time to look at all of them!
While browsing their website as I was typing this entry, I noticed a hilariously mis-phrased line:

Basheer has not forgotten the secret of his success. Personalized service. If you don’t fancy lugging heavy volumes, contact us. And our well-built staff will provide some serious off-line browsing.

A pity that the website’s limited list of books doesn’t do the shop’s comprehensive floor-to-ceiling collection any justice. Maybe I should ask for a well-built Indian salesman to show me his wares.
Digital TV has finally arrived at our house. A youthful Arsenal beat Portsmouth 3-0. Glad to see Henry’s back in action. They have a better chance with the FA Cup than with the Champions League – not a good goal deficit to overcome, against the Germans. Between the two teams, I think Oliver Kahn is still the better goalkeeper anyway – never thought much of Jens Lehmann.