Two site launches this week

Updates. The new church website is about to be launched very, very soon. This Sunday. This means lots of time spent fine-tuning it, and we had some new things to fix after adding additional components. Joomla is one killer app. It kills you when you try to learn how to use the more complex features.
Another of my projects, for work, is going to be launched a few days before that. Its back end is more ‘Web 2.0’ oriented than my other projects and I’m smug about that. I’ll talk more about it when it’s announced. If you’re on Facebook, you may have noticed me campaigning already… If I know you and we aren’t Facebook friends yet, add me!
This just means I will be feeling harassed until Sunday afternoon. Hopefully both launches will go fine. I have to brace myself and remember that we cannot please anybody. For the church site, we should please God first. For the work site, we should appeal to our target audience.
The only good thing I’ve been hearing, in increasing measure is that people are liking how the look and feel is coming about. I am glad for it as first impressions count, and initially it wasn’t easy getting the right look out. Hope people will get some meaning out of the content as well – which is at least as important!


  1. vantan

    Thanks David, it was really a team effort and it felt really great being able to launch it. I hope it will be useful to everyone who seeks to learn more about our faith and this church.

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