Last night

I found myself in an industrial-like building – concrete floors and walls – with people who seemed like strangers yet were familiar. It was a setting I had dreamt of before, many years ago. Yet part of it felt new.
I wandered about, talking with these friends of mine. Exploring the corridors and stairways. It felt more and more like my old junior college. I noticed some rooms had pianos. The ones on the lower floors were in better condition. But they were already occupied or assigned to other people. My own classroom (as the settings became increasingly similar to my old school) however was upstairs.
Intermission: The appearance of someone new, yet strangely familiar and special. I started falling, all in the space of 10 seconds as it felt in my dream. Fade out…
I was in our classroom. We had a broken, dusty old piano. My classmates stood a distance from me, watching. Some of the keys were fine. Others were almost deliberately off-key. Still reeling with emotion, I placed my fingers on the keys and played a tune. The song was marred by the sudden jarring of discordant notes, but I didn’t care. I played on. I felt happy, like I had somehow vindicated my de/repression through music.
For some reason this tune felt special to me, yet I have never associated it with a milestone in any part of my life. It popped out of nowhere, to say the least.
I am still deliberating over the significance of its title: Let’s Wait Awhile.