Moblog activated

Adam Greenfield, posting on K10K, did good to recommend the services of WINKsite. This is an online blogging service which allows you to maintain up to three moblogs for free.
I had a few difficulties at first but it was due to the fact that I had to activate my GPRS account with my network provider and then configure my phone. Once that was done, I managed to log in via my Nokia 6600 handset and create a new post!
I was also impressed with the co-founder of WINKsite, Dave Harper, who read my first post (on not being able to view my page on my phone) and asked if he could help me out.
Anyway, if you have a mobile internet account, check out my moblog, called ‘Transmission’, at Those viewing from a computer browser will be taken to an emulator so you can still view the site. There’s nothing much there at the moment, but I think that will change in time 😉 And yes, you get an RSS feed and all sorts of other goodies with the package.