Baptism date

I’m getting baptised on Sunday, March 2 at St George’s church at Minden Road, Singapore. Everybody’s welcome to watch me get water drizzled down my head.
Correction. I might be changing the date to Sunday April 6, and the good news for everyone who’s interested in attending, is that it MIGHT be at 10 am. I’ll keep you updated.
It’s funny how, three years ago, I was advocating all sorts of rights and practices in Gender class which were probably banned in the Bible. Two years ago, I went back to church regularly but didn’t feel anything special about it. A year ago, I still had no concrete intention to become a Christian (baptism = outward sign).
Then I volunteered to design the new website, got to know the folks at church better, decided to attend Alpha, and … well, here I am.


  1. vantan

    It seems that previous comments for this post have mysteriously disappeared. Sorry Q I’ll try to retrieve what you wrote.
    Yet another database error just occured. Sigh. Darned web host.

  2. vantan

    I just posted my first complaint on my web host’s forum. If they don’t clean up their act, I’m leaving.
    All posts that were added or updated yesterday evening seem to be gone. Including comments. They probably retrieved a backup.
    Anyway, I might be postponing the baptism as my mum won’t be in Singapore. I’ll write again to confirm the date.

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