Feeling sore

If you’ve met me this week, you may notice something’s different when I speak. That’s because I have an ulcer on the left side of my tongue, about 3mm wide, and it HURTS!!!
I just put salt on it and my eyes are tearing. The pain has been going on since Sunday and this has tensed up the left side of my head and neck. Now the inside of my left ear aches. And I think it’s all because of that silly ulcer.
Yes, I’ve been nagged about not getting enough rest. So sleep, I must. I am also avoiding social events this week because I can’t talk properly, I eat slowly and it hurts all the time. So don’t mind me if I seem to be more antisocial than normal.


  1. jm.

    As someone who suffers from chronic sleep deprivation and, consequently, multiple ulcers at any one time, may I suggest you replace salt with honey instead. It’s quite effective (for me), doesn’t give you hypertension, tastes pretty good and doesn’t hurt half as much salt. Apply an undiluted teaspoon of the stuff on the ulcer and let it sit (if you can resist swallowing) for 5 minutes. I usually do it one to two times a day.

  2. Gina

    I have the same thing and have the same symptoms. This isn’t the first time either. So, do you know what it’s from or what causes it? Is it a disease?
    Mine is on the right side of my tongue and is bothering my right ear. Any ideas on how to take the pain away before I just go to the doctor?

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