Off to Byron Bay!

Tomorrow evening my mum and I will be off to visit my sister to celebrate her birthday together.
My biggest concern is not that I have yet to pack for my trip. Nor is it the never-ending flow of work while I’m gone for two weekdays plus a weekend. Work will never end, anyway.
My biggest concern is that I have yet to recover from the last dregs of my ‘flu, which is a prevalent cough and a slightly runny nose.
I don’t mind the runny nose so much, because the Yellow Pill can take that away (I forget drug names exactly). Today, three people have warned me that being ill while on a plane, especially on a long flight, will exacerbate my cough due to the dry air. If my throat already feels dry in humid Singapore, I dread how I will feel when I’m thousands of feet up in the air.
What I also don’t like is infecting other people and making lots of noise coughing away on the plane. It’s just bad timing that I’m the last one in the family to catch the bug, and that it coincides with my trip.
I’m going to take all my medication with me and to be safe, declare it to Aussie Customs. The last thing I want to be, is a burden to others when on holiday.
Please pray for my speedy recovery. Thank you!