Exam fever

Yesterday I woke up with chills. I thought it was just the air-conditioning, but the chills remained for a while, even after a hot shower.
During microecons class, my section learnt that we came in first, beating other sections from Wharton and Fontainebleau. Within my section, my group came in third! The top three groups received chilled champagne from our professor and we drank it on the spot. Then we gave him a huge sending-off and drank a lot of Tiger beer.
Thus by the evening I thought my queasy stomach was due to the alcohol consumed earlier in the day. I went home for dinner then went back to school to study. I was even queasier and felt like puking as I drove home.
When I came back I learnt that other family members had it too – and even worse than me. I tried hard not to purge myself, took antibiotics and went to sleep. In the middle of the night I woke up and finally puked out my entire dinner. Then I had surge after surge of diarrhoea. Altogether this kept me up till 4+am.
By the time I fell asleep, my alarm rang. I decided to skip the 8.30am microecons tutorial and the 10.30am stats tutorial because I was still not feeling good. However I absolutely cannot miss the 1.30pm finance class because this is the only chance we have to learn how to answer a past year paper. I will probably try to sit away from the others so they don’t catch my bug.
But what a terrible time to fall ill!!! My exams start on Monday and it’s not like I’m a quantitative genius who already knows how to answer every question – I’m still trying to understand things, especially topics that we only just learnt the last week or two!
I think I need to bomb the loo one more time… Altogether, it is really a terrible feeling.