Jumbled thoughts

I just spent the last three hours holed up in my studio, running through the side As and Bs of almost all the diskettes I’ve stored my music on. Each disk contains twenty tracks, some good, some bad, many incomplete. I don’t know why I’m writing this down, because it won’t matter to most of you. But well…
Sadly, I discovered that one of my older (circa 1995) disks has a corrupted side B. Pity, because it had my farewell song to my good friend Joan, as well as a rock track on anti-abortion and a couple other decent tunes.
Now I feel like selling my KORG hard disk recorder D1600 and the O1W sound module. They didn’t serve my needs. I don’t like wiring too many components up and holding on to a forward button for twenty seconds just to select the last sound on the list. While KORG sounds are generally what you may call kickass, I never really found their user interfaces very friendly – apart from the units with touch screens.
Yesterday morning a strange thought entered my head. I was told to look underneath something as there would be a sign. I didn’t believe it, but when I looked I thought it was a weird sign. Two long strips side by side, with a short strip in between them, aligned at one end. I struggled to think about what it could be, then I concluded it looked like two white piano keys and one black key.
I had Bible Studies yesterday evening as usual. Esther and Michael were telling me how they saw the accident scene – the one where the doctor crashed his BMW into a tree. Seems it isn’t so straightfoward. The car was on the OTHER side of the tree from the main road, and the driver’s side was totally smashed; the paramedics had given up, and eerily, the car was facing the plot of land where a temple once stood, across the road. It was recently pulled down. The couple insisted that there was no way the car could have ended up in that position, even if it had skidded. Whatever the case may be, I truly hope the bereaved family will be able to cope with the loss – especially the wife.
After class, Amrit and I tinkered with Esther’s Roland keyboard and he taught me a couple of tricks to sound more ‘jazzy’. He himself was trained by a black guy when he was in the States. He mentioned a good jazz piano teacher here, charging amazingly low rates.
The bulbs in my lava lamp have been constantly blowing. I just went back to my room a few minutes ago, turned on my lava lamp (which had a brand new bulb from IKEA), and it not only blew, when I tried to unscrew it, it broke into pieces with smoke coming out of it. Somebody get me an extra night light, quick! I’ll be playing some loud music tonight, all right.
I guess I should try to sleep now.


  1. queenie

    you need to get one of those plug in nite lights that go into sockets — kinda like the ones I had in bristol, with funny colors? there r some pretty ones in chrissy shops — I have a blue glass angel one.

  2. vantan

    (blush) Actually, I already have a night light, but it’s not very bright (doh, it’s a night light). I’m such a scaredy-cat now since the incident in my room.
    But it isn’t funny how my Mathmos lamp light keeps on blowing. The replacement bulbs are of exactly the same voltage as the original. Maybe I should just reduce the voltage.
    You should’ve seen it … a broken, steaming bulb, with fragments everywhere.

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