Birthday plans

I never thought the day would come, but soon I will be starting a new *decade* in my life. Ugh. I feel so old! The only consolation was that another Singaporean INSEAD classmate thought I looked younger than her, and she’s only 28, so that made me feel better 🙂
Up to recently, I harboured thoughts of organising a huge bash, inviting friends from all walks of life to party-party. But that’s more like a 21st birthday bash. At this rapidly maturing age, I’d rather spend quality time with each group individually instead of flitting about from table to table.
So. These are the dinner dates already arranged:
1. With my nearest and dearest SCGS schoolmates. 22 May, venue TBC but in the company of cultured foodies like [Dimsumdolly](, [Monoceros]( and [Fatgirltales](, I don’t think we can go far wrong. And yes, we will all wear dresses, OK?
2. With my former bible study mates and church friends. Booked for 23 May (venue TBC) and 31 May ([Min Jiang]( at Rochester Park, yum yum).
3. Family – probably on the day itself. Nothing planned yet.
That’s all for now!
And happy birthday today to another old SCGS schoolmate and ‘bad tennis’ partner, [Tinkmartini](, who is celebrating by climbing a mountain. It must be a HUGE mountain, for her to begin climbing at age 29 and descending when she’s 30 ;-P


  1. John Larkin

    Happy Birthday Vanessa!
    All the best and make the most of a rather interesting decade.
    I begin a new decade on 080808 this year. Why celebrate the Beijing Olympics when you can celebrate my birthday instead? 😛
    Cheers, John

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