For your information

Just in case you think I’m being specifically rude to you, I am actually not replying to most emails, and not answering to random text messages especially where it involves last-minute outings. I have not seen my mother for 2 days even though we live in the same home.
I worked on my own accord till 3.00am two days ago, reformulating my institution’s website entirely in CSS. Vendor seemed politely interested in this new way of doing things. My basic layout and stylesheet files chalked up a total of 5KB. Not including images and JavaScript of course.
Brief observations: Apple is marketing iPods to students in the hope that they will then get Macs. It’s obvious. I’ve been happily duped myself.
The battery-guzzling Apple Bluetooth Mouse has been relieved of its duties. I’ve reverted to my Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 2.0. Irritating thing was that the software I downloaded was for OS9, and initially it didn’t work. Then I located a driver recently released for OS X. Happily, it works. I can right-click on items quickly and scroll my pages. I handle Dreamweaver commands much more efficiently now. Sorry to say this, but I’m sticking to Microsoft for mice.
And incidentally, ‘revert’ is not a word to use when you actually mean to say, I’ll get back to you. I see that sort of email response almost every day now. This point was listed in a book I bought recently on common mistakes Singaporeans make in English. Another one is when you say you’re having an off day, which actually means that you’re having a bad day or you’re not feeling yourself. You probably meant to say, today is your day off. Of course you can say, “Today’s an off day for me so I think I’ll take the day off.”
Speaking of books, I know I must update my reading list one of these years. It has not been updated for quite a while. I am reading entirely different books now on politics, cyberlaw and religion. All are half-read, in different parts of the house. All very interesting.
I want to do so many things yet I don’t have the time. My blog is supposed to be redesigned and updated with MT3.1 functionality. I need a haircut. My car needs servicing. I’m still looking for a HP LaserJet print driver for Mac OS X. I still don’t know the difference between all sorts of audio cables, and how to play back MIDI data from my Mac to my Korg Triton. I’ve only gone to the gym once this week.
I’m pooped.


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