Killing the forces of darkness

As some of my good friends know, I’m addicted to [Mob Wars]( on Facebook. It’s become a bit less exciting now that I’ve bought every weapon and property that can be bought. It is also not very fun getting my ass whipped as I progress to the higher levels because almost everyone there has a few hundred people in their mob and are winning through sheer numbers.
There’s very little strategy to the game apart from making lots of money and signing up mindless numbers of strangers as friends, so you can increase your mob size. When mob sizes are close to mine, I make educated guesses based on their statistics before deciding whether to attack them. Sometimes, when someone too powerful hits me many times, I put them on the hit list and get some bigger mobster to whack them for dead.
Anyway, I am pleased to report that I have done in Mob Wars what Jesus has done for the rest of us believers … killed Eternal Darkness.
Mobwars - I killed Eternal Darkness
What a name! There are weirder names about, and some rather misogynistic ones too. All the more I want to wallop these guys provided my mob is big enough.
ps. If you are playing Mob Wars too, do join my mob!