Facebook hacking and spamming

Seems that there is Facebook hacking and spamming going on. The situation is still unfolding, but one of my Facebook contacts started posting penis enlargment messages on my wall.
As she is usually quite professional, I figured her account got hacked. So did some of her friends. Then I did a search and turns out there is an [ongoing discussion on Facebook](http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=20531316728&topic=4612) regarding exactly this penis enlargement message.
Whoever is doing it are dickheads, and the community should go to great lengths to catch the perpetrators.
I’m making guesses now, but if you get the same message, do NOT visit the URL mentioned because it probably somehow breaks into your Facebook account, which you’d presumably be logged into at that point in time.
Any more updates on this, post them as a comment here. Thanks!


  1. Kenny Teoh

    I certainly think something needs to be done to protect innocent users like you and me from these rogue hackers. My blogger account has been hacked before… and I lost ownership of my blog somehow. My Google account which is associated with my blog became disassociated overnight. And although the blog profile reads like a copy of my own, I have no control over it.
    Thankfully, none of the penile enlargement ads are posted up there yet. Nor are there wholesale viagra ads. But a recent chat with a network specialist at Intel recently confirmed that Facebook and blog hacking is relatively simple. Apparently it has something to do with them, emulating or stealing the user’s “session”.
    So be careful. Until the sites or the internet security technology is able to fix this vulnerability, it’s best to just prepare yourself for the worst every time you log in (and pray hard you’re not the next victim).
    Btw, what’s with hackers and penis enlargement?

  2. JY

    Sigh… my FB has been hacked and I have NO CLUES whatsoever that happened. Unknowingly, “I” have been sending some “advertisements” about some “cool sites” to contacts in my FB… sigh…. what’s up with these hackers???!!
    Office mails also they spam… sending all sorts of penis or sexual enhancements ad… on gahmen server somemore! cannot make it…. I guess, this is the bane of IT….
    Well, to Kenny’s question about what’s up with these hackers and penis enlargement… I guess they can’t get it UP all the time, that’s why they are so INto it…

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