Tennis and football predictions

It’s an exciting time for a spectator like me, as the Euro 2008 football finals loom and tennis stars battle their way to the top at Wimbledon.
My favourite for Wimbledon ladies – Jelena Jankovic ([blog]( Because she’s the only top 3 seed left, after Ana “Girl next door” Ivanovic and Maria “The Screamer” Sharapova have been knocked out by relative unknowns. But more than that, I like her because she has a [great sense of humour](, and [made many of us wonder]( if she and Jamie Murray were an item, off the court! But look out for the Williams sisters, who usually do well at Wimbledon. Of the two, Venus is my favourite, because she is more graceful on court, and articulate in interviews.
Wimbledon men – Most likely Roger Federer, but I’ve never felt really emotional when seeing him win, because his game is well-controlled and clinical. The last time I was really rooting for a guy was in 2001 when wild card Goran Ivanisevic beat Pat Rafter to win Wimbledon. What touched me was how he played tennis to earn money to help his sister who had Hodgkin’s Disease, and he had asked God for one last chance. But I digress. Overall, Rafael Nadal excites me more with his fist-pumping, even if he has to scratch his backside each time before he serves. Marat Safin is on a roll; when he’s good he’s very very good, but he’s been too erratic to be a favourite of mine.
My favourite for Euro 2008 – Spain. After years of hearing them being labelled as underachievers I braced myself not to expect them in any finals, despite a huge pool of talent in every area. The battle between Spain and Germany will likely be the midfield, with young Cesc Fabregas versus the experienced Michael Ballack. Between goalkeepers I regard Iker Casillas much more highly than Jens Lehmann, partly because Lehmann is on his way out but also because he has a really annoying attitude towards anyone who doesn’t think he is as great as he thinks he is. However, like in the last World Cup, Lehmann might have some tips tucked away inside his sock …