Facebook hacking update #2

So it seems that a [second friend](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/04/facebook_hackin.php#comment-86776) has had her Facebook account broken into. I urge everyone not to list any personal details on their profiles, such as your email address and mother’s maiden name. If you haven’t logged in recently, do so just to make sure everything’s OK. Both my friends hadn’t logged into Facebook for a while, and didn’t realise what was happening immediately.
My friend told me that the only thing she recalled clicking on recently was Facebook Chat. I thought that couldn’t be possible, because that is an official Facebook feature. However, my Facebook Chat appeared at the bottom right corner of my screen, while hers was on top. When she clicked on it, apparently nothing happened. When I clicked on mine, I started chatting to my Facebook friends.
So now I have a question for my readers: If you’ve got Facebook Chat enabled, is your Chat window at the top or bottom right corner? Let’s get to the bottom of this.


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