My puny Mob Wars attacker

As I’m now at a relatively high level in [Mob Wars](, I’ve found myself becoming a minnow even with over 100 mob members to back me up in fights. Most others have 200-500+ members in their mob, making them hard to beat.
Thus, when I do see someone with a smaller mob size, I attack them so my win-lose stats don’t look so bad. My policy is never to attack the smaller guys more than twice in a row, even if it gets more lots of money, because I feel it’s cruel enough already 😛
However, this dude seemed particularly upset at his loss(es) to me and was hell-bent on attacking me back. Just that his mob was particularly puny and each attack drastically reduced his health points. Duh.
Petty Mob Wars player
It was so amusing, I haven’t attacked him again because I pity him/her.
Later on, I read in a girls-only Mob Wars forum (yes, the game has evolved to that stage) on how you could attack yourself and go to Hospital, because then you’re protected for several hours as your health points recover. During this period, nobody can attack you and get the money you’re making from property rentals. This is handy if you’re going to buy large chunks of the city and not want to lose 10% by depositing it in the Bank first.
Very interesting game, but I’ll have to abandon it soon…


  1. vantan

    It’s called “Mob Wars – Ladies United”. It is a secret group so it will not be listed in the Facebook directory. You need an Admin to invite you to join.
    I got invited probably because I joined other Mob Wars groups and posted in them, and they could obviously tell I was female, so one day I received an invitation from them. You may want to do the same…

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