Ogilvy Verge – recap

On Friday I was on the blogger perspectives panel at Ogilvy’s Verge conference. Went OK though feedback was we tried to cover too many different topics in a short space of time, thus it was a bit disjointed. I felt I tended to be more anecdotal in explaining a certain trend, compared to the others. My most favourite PR anecdote currently is about Dell’s blog – how often do you get to meet the customer advocate who’s been replying to your angry blog posts? And at SXSW at that 🙂
I heard the Microsoft-Yahoo!-Google panel was funny, with the latter two pretending to gang up against Microsoft. Would’ve loved to see a video of that!
MTV had some new insights on the Asian youth market. From what I see, there’s no one magic formula we can apply to all, because our youths prefer local music followed by Western music.


  1. Daryl Tay

    I think one thing Ian didn’t say is that Singapore is the one country that bucks the trend of liking local music before Western music, for obvious reasons. The interesting thing is that the research seems to be turning up the same numbers (roughly) for the last couple of years, but it doesn’t feel like my interests/media consumption/etc have been static for two years.
    ps: whenever I click on your blog from my rss reader, the page is blank. is it just me?

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