Birthday summary

Had a great dinner with my SCGS girlfriends on Friday at La Forketta at Dempsey Road. We had a lot to catch up on. We called another schoolmate long-distance to wish her happy birthday as well, as that was the actual day for her.
On Saturday I had lunch with my mum and sis as usual, and then I did some shopping. Bumped into a Bristol Uni law junior along the way, had coffee with her and met two of her friends. Headed to Margarita’s at Dempsey for dinner and drinks with my Bristol Uni mates, and then to Angelshare a few units away for Bellinis. Talked until we realised it was just past midnight, and then the glass-clinking began.
On Sunday, I went to church as usual, had lunch with the clan, went to the driving range and did pretty well considering I had not practiced in perhaps half a year. Most of my shots went a decent distance in the right direction, and my drives were decent, almost as good as when I was playing more regularly. Had dinner at Gyu-Kaku where we cook our own BBQ meats. So glad my grandfather, who’s had a poor appetite lately, had finished all his food and the birthday cake my dad had sweetly arranged for. Ultimately it is not about going to a super fancy restaurant, but enjoying time with family and friends.
Not shyly, I congratulated my parents for their 30th anniversary of being parents, my aunts for becoming aunts and my grandparents for becoming grandparents 🙂
I have a couple more dinners to go over the next week. Should be great fun.


  1. kristen

    happy birthday vanessa! sounds like you are celebrating in style with all your friends and family, as it should be done. onwards and upwards!

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