Support Cheyenne at the Glass House

If you’re going to Orchard Road over the weekend, do check out the Glass House outside Ngee Ann City. Blogger Cheyenne will attempt to quit smoking over 3 days, from this Friday to Sunday.
Cheyenne’s a fellow Arsenal fan. So that means I doubly support her!
Check out her [blog]( for updates on her progress.
Update: It appears that familiar Gunner pals are going to visit Cheyenne!


  1. siren

    Hi Van!!!
    Thank you for being so very supportive! Come say Hi please! Just come around to the side door and say you are a friend. In fact, if you can make it, Football Crazy is coming down at about 12.30pm so come come ard noon. I’d love to have you together on the show :o)
    And make time to come with me to the Arsenal game on Sunday :o) I promise I’ll introduce you to some very very passionate fellow Gooners xxx

  2. JS

    Just read Today 12 Apr. pic of smoker wif lighted cig standing in front of glasshouse. Hope Cheyenne keeps up determination to quit in spite of the sight/temptation.

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