She doesn’t read blogs

I was told that Ong Sor Fern wrote an opinion piece in the Straits Times (our national newspaper) today on how she never reads blogs but ‘only published formats: newspapers, magazines and books’. This statement has been met with amusement among those of us in the Social Media group.
I think Ivan and Siva have more or less addressed her issues. I particularly like Siva’s point on how scientists themselves are wary of journalists as they don’t always get their facts right themselves.
To a certain extent, I can see where she’s coming from. Content is still king, but content isn’t the exclusive domain of traditional media sources anymore.
And just like there are good journalists and bad journalists, there are also good bloggers and bad bloggers. For every book like the Cult of the Amateur (current Amazon rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars), there are dozens if not hundreds of books and other forms of less traditional media celebrating the new, open-source or Web 2.0 culture. Bubbles have burst before, but that’s part of the experience of entrepreneurism.
And that’s about all the time I’m going to spend writing about this.


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    “This statement has been met with amusement among those of us in the Social Media group.
    Is this group bigger and smarter than the brotherhood press.”
    I am new to blogging and I find the article of the latter quite stimulating and interesting. However, I cant seem to find the Social Media brotherhood or is the brotherhood the brotherhood and the SM and the SM?
    Help. Could you also tell me something abt this darkness character? Thanks, I am not gay, but its for my sis. Thanks.
    Sorry for being confused 🙂

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