Consolidated thoughts

Again, it’s been a while since my last update. Every time I think of this blog, I wonder whether it is time to bring things to a close.
It’s not easy finding a common theme for this blog anymore, as my interests are so varied that it may bewilder some readers.
One day, I may write about my favourite football team (which may not appeal to most female readers and those who only know the American version of the game).
Another day, I may write about a management theory, which may put off the layperson who is looking for a light read.
And yet another day, I may write about my travels or a recent concert I attended (which is unlikely to happen now, since I haven’t had time to get out much for those sort of things).
I have thought of getting a new domain name and writing on a specific topic which I am accumulating knowledge in, like strategic planning and systems thinking. But this may also be limiting my scope.
It is also a shame to stop doing what has kept me going for years, and to leave my many varied thoughts unexpressed. The alternative is to revamp this blog so that the different sections come across more clearly, but I have little time so this may not happen in a while.
On the other hand, I have spread out my attention to other forms of social media; some posts can only be viewed by friends, such as those in Facebook.
Perhaps what is needed, then, is a social media consolidator! Any suggestions of tools which I can embed on this blog?
The jury’s still out on this one, but it won’t be hung forever.