Ogilvy Verge – Singapore 2008

I am honoured to be speaking as a panelist at [Ogilvy’s Verge digital summit](http://www.the-open-room.com/verge-the-ogilvy-digital-summit/) in Singapore today at CHIJMES. It will be quite exciting. [As with Yuhui](http://www.the-open-room.com/verge-the-ogilvy-digital-summit/#comment-8), I’d really like to see representatives from the three Internet giants – Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! – all in one panel.
I know all my esteemed fellow panelists personally, particularly [Walter Lim](http://coolinsights.blogspot.com/). I will also catch up with [Prof Michael Netzley](http://communicate.os3.sg/?p=161) whom I met at Podcamp last year, and [Nicholas Aaron Khoo](http://asia.cnet.com/blogs/geekonomics/) whom I met at the [HP Mini launch](http://vantan.org/archives/2008/04/unveiling_the_n.php) last month.
So I think we will have an interesting dialogue with each other, and hopefully with the audience!
I noticed that the programme mentions everybody else’s designation and organisation, except mine:
In case anyone gets the wrong idea, I would like to clarify that *I am still with the Health Promotion Board*. Earlier on, I provided the organisers (who invited me) with my [Startup Singapore bio](http://events.startup.org.sg/?action=eventDetail/1) as a reference. It clearly states my designation and organisation.
For the record, I have no intention of snubbing or disowning my organisation, which has given me the best job I’ve had so far.
I also hope it does not give attendees the impression that I was a super last minute addition either, because I sent in my details earlier this month. At least, I hope it isn’t so! 😉
I have also clarified that the omission is not because I am only expected to be a representative of the blogging community in general. I can, and will, speak based on my experience promoting the use of blogging within my organisation and the public sector as a whole.
It will be more interesting than talking about my own blog, which beyond a certain point can get narcissistic – as we bloggers tend to be 🙂
Looking forward to the conference!


  1. Yuhui

    Hey Van,
    Wish I could be there. And you’re probably going to read this after the event, but it’d be funny if someone teases the Google, MS and Yahoo guys about mergers, advertising partnerships and so-forth.

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