God’s vessels

I have come to a realisation.
Through God’s grace over the years, my work has been featured in the press. That has in turn made it easier to gain support for subsequent new media projects. In a very small way, I hope that will lead to a ripple effect as we all endeavour to open up and allow for *real* conversations to take place with our audience.
For that alone, I am thankful.
However I’ve realised over the years that this attention has created a more important impact, beyond work. Long-lost friends got back in touch with me. Some who didn’t know me, but were seeking, found this blog and my [testimony](http://vantan.org/archives/2003/04/baptism_notice.php), and were encouraged enough to write to me.
Today I received an email from a former colleague. We were occasionally in touch after I moved to another job, but we caught up again more regularly over the last 2 years. I asked her to join Alpha and this started her on her journey back with God. I was very heartened to hear this. I was grateful to be a vessel to help others. Again, only by God’s grace could this all happen.
Then I realised that there were Angels all around me, too. In human form, not just the dazzling lightning-type beings you read about in the Bible.
There were the Angels who got me to take the step from simply attending church, to helping out with the website, then joining Alpha and getting baptised. Thank you Ricky and Janice, Sharon and Brian.
Thank you Michael and Esther for guiding me as I found myself at a difficult period in my life. Even though I didn’t enjoy it at the time, it had to happen to make me stronger. Roy and Pei Chin, for making me realise that God can be a great matchmaker. Queenie for being there for me when nobody else was.
Beyond that, I thank Gareth and Teresa for helping me understand myself and my loved ones better. And I thank anyone in future who’ll take me in to their house group (I’m still looking!).
Then I realised that Angels weren’t just in a church setting, but everywhere else, too. Like colleagues PW and CC who guided me on handling media interviews, and the management who trusted me to say the right thing and never restricted me. And to those whom I’ve shared special moments – LSD for alerting me to this job and settling me in, RL and VT for hiring me, CG for comforting me when I was sad, VU for those wise words. And now AA is keeping my spirits up. HIS hand has been in everything.
This is not to glorify myself or anyone else, but we are all placed on this earth to do something. I am glad I’ve realised that now. It helps to put my life back in perspective.
Thank you.
(If you feel encouraged, why not also write a note to the people who’ve been Angels to you?)


  1. Queen

    Thank You, VT. For being a vessel of faith. Watching how God works through u in your studies, career, walk with Him, prayers, is very encouraging to me. 🙂 And also those opportunities to pray for u, help remind me of how we can always turn to him.
    So I thank Him for you, and your family.

  2. vas

    Dear VT, as long as we are willing to be used by Him, we are all His Angels. and Thank You gal for being His Angel in my life.

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