A quick note

Been working till 10pm for the past 2 days and the long hours may continue. I’m trying to complete as much work as I can. A couple of very good things have happened and I hope to impress upon the powers that be of the important work our team is doing and hopefully that will give us more leeway to venture into more interesting projects. That alone has motivated me to keep going.
On top of that, I’ve resumed French class – exams are in less than a month’s time. I wanted to take only one exam, but it appears that my teacher thinks I can take an even more difficult exam, plus an easier one, so it looks like I will be taking 3 papers in total! They will all be on different days; possible 3 days in a row. And right after my birthday 🙁
So, something has to give. That has been my own personal time and sleep. Which I am about to do, now. Zz


  1. Pat Law

    Whoa. You might want to consider moderating your comments so that you don’t get someone inviting to for some lesbian ass licking.
    Redbull + black coffee together never fails to rejuvenate.

  2. vantan

    Haha. That might be another way to wake up…
    I’ve just reconfigured my blog settings. Thanks. Wanted to install a capcha but seems it doesn’t work on my server.

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