MacBook Pro add-ons

This is a list of all the extra applications and accessories I’ve added to my MacBook Pro (glossy) since I purchased it. I will update it as I go along. If you have any more suggestions, do post a comment!
1. **[iWork](**, because I think Keynote’s presentations look better than Powerpoint’s. (installed)
2. **[FlickrExport](**, because it’s neater to upload photos directly from iPhoto. It uploads the photos according to the names I’ve given it, and not the default numeric names given by the camera. I previously didn’t have to pay for it but I guess it’s worthwhile supporting good software. (installed trial version, planning to pay for full version)
3. **[Firefox 3 beta](**, because it already rocks on the PC and looks even better on the Mac, taking on the metallic look that Safari has but with added features. No serious bugs encountered yet. Check out the predictive address input feature, and zoom in on text and images at the same time. Bookmarking is also smarter. (installed)
4. **Adobe Photoshop.** I may transfer my old Photoshop licence from my G5 PowerMac to this laptop, as I forsee myself editing and uploading more photos on the MacBook Pro. (planning to install)
5. Macromedia Studio. Likewise, I expect to do all my web stuff on this MacBook Pro, so I’ll remove it from my G5 PowerMac. (installed it, thinking of upgrading to the 2008 version)
6. **Logic Studio.** While it’s currently on my G5 PowerMac, Logic can only open if you have the USB token inserted. I think it is nifty, because that means you could have Logic running on different Macs (e.g. one at the big studio, one at the home studio) and still keep usage down to one machine at a time. (planning to install) (installed)
7. **[Second Life](** Even though none of my friends seem to be using it anymore, I like to log in and take my Avatar for a spin, because this MacBook Pro’s graphics card rocks!
8. **[Microsoft Office for Mac](** Despite having iWork, I still have an extra home user licence for Office 2004, and after drooling over [Kevin’s review]( Update: I have upgraded to the 2008 version!
9. **[Facebook Exporter for iPhoto](** I wondered if there was such a program, Googled and found it! It is so handy. It can even tag people in each photo you want to upload. And it’s free.
10. **[Senuti](**, which transfers music files on your iPod back into your Mac. When my hard drive containing countless music files crashed, I was in despair as that meant I’d have to re-rip all my audio CDs. Now it’s restored, complete with all the track info including the ratings and number of times played. Also free.
11. **[Evernote](**, a handy tool that helps you store your ideas, notes, doodles etc. Thanks to Kevin for the link.
12. **[Dropbox](**, a user-friendly interface for keeping shared folders between different systems. Works between PCs and Macs. Thanks to Kevin and Coleman for the link.
13. **[Newsgator](**, popular feed reader for the Mac. Just in case I get tired of the web-based Google Reader.
**Hardware and other accessories**
1. **[iSkin Protouch]( keyboard protector**, because dirt, eyelashes and other little pieces of grit tend to get stuck in between the keys.
2. **[Speck SeeThru]( red hardshell case.** It’s been catching people’s eyes and some even think the MacBook Pros now come in different colours! Heh.
3. **MobileGear USB hub and card reader.** This is an old gadget I bought two SXSWs ago but as the MacBook Pro only comes with 2 USB ports, I have to extend it. What’s cool about it is that it is entirely white and glows different colours when plugged in.
4. **iPhone.** For mobile synchronisation purposes. OK, I just had to rub that one in šŸ™‚
5. **ExpressCard reader** that can be inserted into my MacBook Pro slot, so I don’t have to lug around a USB hub when I’m out of the house or office. Anyone have recommendations? (planning to get)
6. **Backup. ** Once my credit cards recuperate from the consecutive purchases of an iPhone and MacBook Pro, I will get an external hard disk as backup.
7. **Screen protector that doubles up as a matte display.** This is for when I go outdoors, so that the screen doesn’t shine so much. Even now, the reflection isn’t too bad. I’ve seen it worse on other laptops. Anyone know a good brand?


  1. Wilson

    I’ve found to be interesting eye candy. I know, kind of irrelevant for me to bring up an Outlook app when you are using a Macbook, just that is happens to be top of mind for me.
    Oh, download Google Earth because it’s fun.
    Glad you could put the sleevecase to good use. : )

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