A Singaporean behind the Dell blog

Wilson Tan, who’s been an advisor to the Dell blog since its launch, is coming home to Singapore. Dell gave him a glowing tribute on its blog.
Wilson has been really dedicated to his clients. While I was at SXSW with him and the Dell team, he was always there for them, looking for new opportunities and contacts that could further promote his client. Behind the scenes, he guided the team on replying to comments, many from irate customers like myself 🙂
Not surprisingly, his company has retained the contract with Dell. I’m looking forward to meeting up with Wilson when he’s back in Singapore!


  1. Lionel Menchaca

    Vanessa: Glad you saw my post about Wilson. Obviously, he’s a true friend… Judging from the comment thread in my post, lots of others agree with me.
    He told me I need to find a good reason to come to see him in Singapore… I’ll take him up on it.

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