Meetup Report

The MT Meetup at Olio Dome, Suntec City went well – yours truly found her way there 20 minutes early with a MT Meetup sign. Members present: Wuyuetian, Tribolum and Krisalis.
Only when I met up with fellow bloggers, did I realise what geeks we are. Since we weren’t given an official agenda this time, we ended up talking happily about our favourite gadgets (or plans to acquire new ones), our domain names, the strangest keywords that search engines have associated with our blogs, and how various parts of our bodies have caught fire before (OK, that was just Kris and me).
We also discussed a few technical questions, and wondered when Movable Type Pro was coming out. Ahem.
Hope to see more of you at the next Meetup!
[Update: A heartwarming news report on how friendships, both virtual and real, have been forged through blogging. ]


  1. Triboluminescence

    Met Up

    Guess it’s only right if I complete the trackback circle. Singapore had it’s first official MT Meetup Monday night at Olio Dome in Suntec. There was a non-MT user who turned up, but like most non-business meetings in Singapore, we were ther…

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