To make it clear

Blogging is the new buzzword in the office (finally). Today we were trading personal blog and photo gallery links. I’ve been working here for a year and all of us have only just opened up!

It’s interesting how some people expect my site to look a certain way, and have certain elements like more diary entries, photos and so forth. I’ve received such comments over the years.
I’m surprised someone said it looked ‘commercial’ because I don’t use any ad banners, and Firefox is certainly free. Publicising it, to me, is a service to the online community. It’s amazing how so many people still stick to using IE. (I’m saying this to provoke some of you into trying the superior browser. But remember, only try this at home, since we’re not allowed to install it on our office PCs!)
XHTML validation shows that I code my pages with care, as do a growing community of designers and bloggers worldwide. Anybody working with the Internet should be aware of this trend, which started years ago. Non-geeks are forgiven for not knowing what on earth I’m talking about.
To me, blogging does not equate to a personal diary, contrary to what I’ve heard many Singaporeans say. I do write about my life occasionally, but I also put up my ideas and theories about many things, because that is what really goes through my mind. My blog does not revolve full-time around what I ate, who I went out with, what my favourite TV shows are and so forth. To each, his own.
My self-esteem shall not depend on how popular my site is. I do not spend my time submitting my links to directories; I do not practice link exchanges. I do not spy on readers, and I have long since given up looking at my statistics to find out how many pageviews I get each month (we do that enough at work already).
In case you’re wondering, I trashed my photo gallery a few months ago as it was taking up too much server space (also because the system I installed had died and my knowledge of PHP was too basic to fix it).
Also, I heard that some people were using my site to dig out information about my relatives, so I no longer write about my family life in great detail. (Gee, thanks)
One good thing that’s definitely come out of blogging, is my testimony. I’m glad I put it online because I’ve received such warm responses from many of you.
Other interesting trivia – My code has been stolen before. One one occasional someone took the HTML and stylesheet code but continued linking to the images on my website. Not very clever.
My design for the comments section in each post has been used by at least 2 other weblogs, but the guys had the decency to ask me first, and one of them has been crediting me ever since *muah* A real gentleman.
Someone tried to hack into my system last year. Fortunately, I was sent an email notification about it. That got me a little peeved because I realised someone had made it as far as my login page. I wonder what goes on in the minds of these juvenile hackers.
Well, that’s all for now. You may soon find more updates in my Korg Blog, since I am burning my midnight oil studying the Apple Pro Training Series for Logic Pro 7.
Pardon the jargon, cos I’m geek like that.


  1. vantan

    Haven’t dared to try it yet.
    The problem is, we need a thumb drive, right?
    Due to strict security settings, we also need to apply for permission to install third-party drivers for our thumb drives. Our PCs only work with office thumb drives (whose drivers are already installed).
    Quite often, when colleagues insert their own thumb drives, they don’t work. We get prompted for the Administrator’s password.
    All in all, not worth the effort and paperwork.

  2. Otterman

    Ooohhh, so not so easy.
    Suspect it will work in NUS LT’s where we use thumb drives to download powerpoints. Sometimes I need to illustrate live pages and IE’s crawl is disconcerting. That’s usually when I advertise Firefox.
    Yeah thumb drive needed and I’ve been hunting for mine to try out.

  3. vantan

    Anyway, we’re not supposed to install the browser, period. Regardless of where the executable file is stored (hard drive or removable storage).
    Rules are rules.

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