This is to let you know that I am still alive. Over the past several weeks I had to do a couple of important things and just finished in time… and soon I will have to do other important things. It’s complicated and I can’t say more, but in time you’ll understand. It’s related to work stuff, in a way. More deadlines there.
My tongue ulcer has, thankfully, dissipated just as quickly as it appeared. I really hope it never happens again as the pain was excruciating.
Other updates – I’ve bought lots of books related to business, PR, marketing and ideas, all of which I’m trying my best to finish reading and hopefully absorb something. My jazz piano practice time is almost nonexistent now. I have to get my jazz band going again. I am still having problems with my Mac, since upgrading to Leopard – it can’t connect to the Net, and after upgrading to Logic Studio I can’t seem to sync up with my KORG keyboard via MIDI anymore, so a lot of my songs now have no sound. Basically there are a lot of geeky things I need to fix and I may have reached my threshold for solving problems!
It’s 2am, I better sleep.