To upgrade or not?

To those who are curious about upgrading to MT3.0, don’t do it yet. That’s what I think, at least.
Apart from optional comment registration through Typekey and a tweaked up, more accessible user interface, there really aren’t any significant changes. Well actually the main thing that’s changed is the platform, but to me (and other equally impatient and demanding users) there may be some way to go before we get all the features we want. Check out this informative post by a beta tester.
As for the hallowed MT-Blacklist, Jay Allen has promised a MT3.0 version for it. Until then, continue to post comments here but don’t expect it to show until I ‘approve’ them. Sorry guys.
Also to those who are curious as to how they are able to install more authors or blogs than the licence allows: For the same reason you can also install the same software on multiple computers when you’re only allowed to do it on one.
It’s a system of trust, period. There is no spyware residing on your server that alerts Sixapart of unlicensed activities. I’m strictly keeping to my personal limit of three active blogs and one active author out of respect for the Trotts, until it is time to upgrade.
Actually, that’s what we should be doing for anyone who produces great software, music, books or shows.