More Transformers uncovered!

I was spring cleaning last weekend and discovered more of my old Transformers! I took Sixshot, my favourite Decepticon, along. Little did he realise what he was in for…
Sixshot discovers Autobots - part 1
Click on the image to view the full-sized comic strip.
Guest stars: Mirage, Quickswitch, Grimlock, Snarl, Sludge, Scattershot.
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  1. shaun

    you’re way cool lah Van. G1 vintage dinobots! Grown men have been known to weep at the sight of those. The dialogue is just brutal, as well as that pix of scattershot.
    I spent my weekend taking pix of naked toy men. For a good cause.

  2. monoceros

    More er…strips, please!
    Oh, and please let me come over and play admire your Dinobots! I’ll bring my WST Grimlock to compare.

  3. walter

    Man…. I thought that Shaun was the only toy nerd geek but it looks like you also one too! Good one there Van… and very farnie too…

  4. Jason Ho

    sigh..I was once a proud owner of many transformers and other toys..then one day my mom said to me “time to throw all your toys, you so old oredi”, now I am totally regretting taking her advice..gonna stop listening to her from now..keke…:P
    Eh..btw..what do you use to make the comic thingy ah?

  5. vantan

    Awww! 🙂 Thanks guys.
    Jason – I don’t use any special comics software. I just use Fireworks. I usually design everything from scratch.

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