Guess their names!

An update on our Koi pond.
Each of us got to choose 3 Koi (carp fish). I chose an orange-black-silver variety, reason being that I wanted my Koi to take after my favourite group of Transformers.
The first two Koi are purely of those three colours. However, the third Koi had to have a blue sheen.
Can you guess what their names are? Read on to find out the answer.

Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus*.
However, since they’re still minnows (though very aggressive during feeding time, which is an encouraging sign), I feel they have yet to grow into the full stature of their names.
Great experience and maturity is required of an Autobot leader. These names must be taken seriously.
Thus, these Koi shall be referred to only as Optimus, Hot Rod and Magnus, until they have proven their worth among the other Koi.
* I don’t really like Ultra Magnus as much as the other two, but the Autobot leadership wouldn’t be complete without him, so …
[Off-tangent afterthought: If we had a catfish, would we name him Wreck-Gar?]


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