Optimus Prime firing Megatron’s gun?

Optimus Prime firing Megatron This is a really rare sight – Optimus Prime and Megatron team up to save the earth. Taken from Season 1 of the original Transformers. I bought the entire 4 seasons on DVD over the weekend and am still watching it… Click on the photo for a longer story.
And no, I haven’t watched the new Transformers movie yet. No kaki. Anybody interested? If not, I’ll watch it on my own.


  1. Kelvin

    I’ve been watching the original Transformers on youtube… where Autobots could fly and Decepticons could swim… I’ve watched Transformers but want to watch it again in a cinema with good sound system… (Pew! Pew! Pew!)

  2. Ivan Chew

    I remember that episode! Yeah, the two arch enemies teamed up. Oh, the Transformers movie… would you believe that I walked out of the movie halfway? I had to pee and then I decided I was hungry and didn’t want to go back in anymore. Man, I’m old!

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