Revisiting the past

Old SCGS gateI revisited my old school on the way up Emerald Hill this evening. In a way, some parts of the structure haven’t changed – perhaps a new coat of paint was given a few years ago, but now it is starting to look just like how it used to be when we waited outside after classes, for the school bus or parents’ car to fetch us home.
Still, it’s part of the end of an era. I suppose it could have begun when we moved out to larger premises, leaving an inherently Peranakan area which was part of our identity. Old SCGS stepsThen our Vice Principal passed away suddenly, and my girl guide teacher died of cancer. The famous Mee Pok man died. Miss Heng retired. You’d think some things never change but after a while, they do, shifting gradually onto a new generation of people.
A certain song I wrote back in 1994 for my alma mater, rushed back into my head. Maybe it’s time to re-record it.
Dinner was with distant cousin LT, at Akira at the end of the road, past the residential shophouses. Its Japanese buffet comes at a decent price ($22 for lunch, $30 for dinner) despite its sometimes unreliable service by waitresses who don’t totally understand good English or bad Mandarin. We Peranakans are not very good at the latter language.
We were joined by 2 of LT’s old friends. Nearly considered going with them to Zouk but decided to go home and rest. Need to get more sleep.


  1. Jason Ho

    eh..u study at Chatsworth ah? coz I think that is where the school is at yeah? I like to park around there when I go ICB..keke.. 😛

  2. monoceros

    We did a lot of growing up on those school grounds. I still remember looking out the window of the little library, staring at the old cinema (now Orchard Cineleisure); throwing shotput and hitting (and chipping) one of the cement squares by the edge of the school field; standing and waving like an insipid frond during National Day songs; I remember joining the classroom of 4B and meeting you and D, the first time I met someone else with my name; I remember hitting you a lot, and terrorizing your stapler; the two of us confounding Bio Wong by responding in tandem when she called our name. I remember a great deal, and your song keeps running through my head now. I’d love to hear it again.

  3. vantan

    Jason – no lahh! This is the old SCGS! 😛
    Monoceros – I didn’t realise I was your first namesake! There were quite a few of us in that batch, and at least one junior as well… Good memories, my friend. RIP stapler >:)

  4. monoceros

    This is gonna get sappy but it’s true – I’ve met a number of Vanessas in the past two decades, but hands down, you’re the best namesake.
    Considering what I did to your stapler, I’ll understand if you don’t return the sentiment! 😛

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