Interview with a Transformer designer

I just came across this post from PingMag, a Japanese design blog, which interviews Alex Kubalsky, the guy who designed the transformation of the Autobot, Mirage, for the current Transformer movie. I also love his model of Bumblebee – especially with the smile. Pity he didn’t turn out that way in the movie!
Sketch of original Mirage
Copyright TOMY / Hasbro
You may recall in a recent post that I possess the original Mirage (produced by Hasbro). And Kubalsky also had strange dreams like some of us – he got into a state where his mind was awake, but his body was still asleep! However he didn’t seem to get the chills – instead, he turned his dream into something constructive and that has defined his career. I’ve woken up with a lovely tune in my head before, and even managed to record it down. However I tend to forget many others 🙁
Sometimes dreams can shape careers. Kubalsky’s story proves it! He doesn’t even use 3D software – he hand draws everything. Just like how a few of us like getting away from the computer sometimes (myself included) and jot stuff down in our Moleskines. Coming to think of it, my best ideas are still sketched out on paper…
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