Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Monoceros and Overacuppa, and it was smashingly good! I’d watch it again. And perhaps one more time! And I’d buy the DVD too. I’m not even a rabid Potter fan but the movie captivated me from beginning to end.
Apparently the movie kept mostly to the book (which I have not read) with minor changes. I didn’t find this to be the creepiest Harry Potter movie though. I’m already used to seeing that You Know Who without a nose, and expected dark wraiths doing nasty things. Pity Harry’s Godpa had to die, though. He was one of those guys I expected would always be around. I’m beginning to like Snapes, who, in this movie, sides with Harry against the new annoying headmistress who’s a smiling tigress.
The hormones get pumped up a little more in this movie. You’ll get to see Harry engaging in a nice long Frenching snogging scene with Cho Chang. There’s a little bit of flirting at the end of the movie with Luna Lovegood who I think is really quite cool. Nice to see Harry’s group getting bigger and stronger, though the core three characters still remain. Ron tries to impress Hermione but the two aren’t anywhere near first base. Ginny kicks some real ass when it comes to the crunch. That’s another cool lass.
Check out this BBC interview with the actresses who play Ginny and Luna, aka Bonnie Wright and Evanna Lynch. Move over, Bond girls!


  1. walter

    I watched it on Friday night. Didn’t find it as entertaining as the earlier episodes, probably because there was too much emphasis on tying together the plot ends and not enough sheer fun. Well, the fighting scenes between Lord Voldemort and Professor Dumbledore with Harry caught in between was quite fun, and so are the flying sequences.
    In this episode Hermione seems to be taking more of a backseat role which is a pity since she is such a key character in the Harry Potter world. I see fewer flashes of brilliance from her too.

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