Touchdown in LA! (Day 1)

My plane through a window at Tokyo's Narita airportMy flight between Singapore and LA was uneventful. Watched a French movie, “The Great Meaulnes” which reminded me of The Great Gatsby as both stories are depressing. I watched the last quarter of Happy Feet, and re-watched Casino Royale which I still think has a kickass plot.
We had a short stopover in between, at Tokyo’s Narita airport. Here’s a shot of our plane through the window, as it re-fuelled and stocked up on food.
Beef fajita sandiwch at Porto's My relatives fetched me from the airport and we headed straight to Glendale, California for lunch at Porto’s, a famous Cuban bakery and restaurant. Even though it was about 2pm, the queues were long and we could barely find an empty table. I saw one group of girls buying 4 large boxes of desserts. Anyway, we totally skipped desserts and filled ourselves up with their yummy house salad. I also had a steak fajita sandwich.
Me with my great-grandparents 2 We then went to the Forest Lawn cemetery to visit my great-grandparents, who are buried there. Now that is a swell place to rest in – prime location with a wonderful view.
Sadly, where we parked our car, at the foot of the slope, a funeral was taking place. We couldn’t see the people below us, but could hear a woman sobbing and asking why her loved one had to go.
I won a prize! We went home, rested for a while, then left for Club Singapura’s Chinese New Year dinner. The Singaporean community, young and old, were there. There were many lucky draw prizes. I’m usually very unlucky and hardly ever win anything. However, this time I won a prize!!!
Ironically, the prize I won was a Uniquely Singapore monopoly board game. Considering that I am Singaporean, and am going back to Singapore in less than two weeks’ time, I felt that someone else (i.e. a potential tourist) should have won this prize. I am probably going to give this away – I’m not lugging it to Austin, unless any of you SXSWers want to play it?
Anyway it is now past 2am Los Angeles time and we have to get up at 7+am because we’re going to San Diego for sightseeing, shopping and visiting my uncle’s new Gelato shoppe. I’m so excited. Will blog more tomorrow.


  1. Kevin

    Wow, that was fast! From WebSG on Wednesday to L.A. and livin’ large. Nice to have relatives in the States, makes life so much easier!

  2. alvinloo

    So when does the convention start? So its an internal flight to Austin right? Always wanted to visit LA, sounds fun!
    Well, do enjoy your stay before you have to come back! 🙂

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