Going to Berlin

I have exciting news to announce. Hewlett-Packard (HP) has invited me to Germany to cover their latest product launch!

So I will be heading to Berlin over the weekend and covering the event for a few days.
A big THANK YOU to the folks who’ve organised the trip, got our tickets and our nice hotel rooms. It’ll be my first visit to Germany and I can’t wait!
More info to come…


  1. Melvin Yuan

    Hi Van! 6 days to go!
    Can’t wait to get there! Let’s sync up on Friday evening on packing + travel plans?
    Oh; and I’ll get to my gdocs soon!

  2. Angus

    Can’t wait to meet you and Melvin there. I think I’m all set here, but still haven’t received an update on my hotel info and updated ticket.
    What’s the plan for after the event?

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