Off to Shanghai

Well folks, I’m leaving at dawn for Shanghai, China. The weather looks fine. I hear it’s tolerably cool and very windy with some rain, which means it will be very much like Bristol.
I didn’t have time to complete all my applications today so I will send the remaining documents when I get back in a week’s time. I didn’t have time to visit SITEX either, or even watch the new Harry Potter movie. I’m still packing my bags.
I’m going on a crash course with the Lonely Planet Guide to Shanghai, which I will read on the plane (assuming I don’t nod off to sleep or watch a movie instead). And hopefully, three CompactFlash cards will be enough for my digital camera. Trigger happy li’l ol’ me.
I really have to run now.


  1. Queenie

    Hi, wishing you a safe trip too, wrap up warm and have a lovely time! Luv + prayers, in the meantime. Q.

  2. Ally

    We (the Fynchee’s) are anxiously awaiting your return… we’re all hard at work and waiting so we can off load to you!! Also, the second floor is too quiet…

  3. shanghai van

    To Kristen & Queenie: Thanks! Just got back safely.
    To Alison: huh? What’s Fynch? Never heard of it … doo dee doo … >;-D Is this the company’s way of saying how much they miss me?

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