Last day in Perth

Woke up early. Mum went to see Vicki’s teachers for a meet-the-parents session (not a good thing). Meanwhile, I made french toast. I haven’t cooked in ages but I remembered exactly how I used to do it. Mum called to tell me she was on her way back from the school, and I reserved the last and best piece for her … keeping it warm in my little pan until she pulled up along the driveway. And it was goood french toast. Mum’s usually very frank with her criticism so I felt triumphant.
We packed our bags, checked out and went back to Hay Street for some last minute shopping. I bought this top I was eyeing for a couple of days, and mum bought some footwear. We had lunch at another swanky eatery (forgot the name, will check on it later) with excellent service and scrumptious food. Then we left for the airport.
Back at Changi Airport we discovered we had to fill in a health declaration form. A little untidy – they could’ve given that to us along with the immigration cards for non-Singaporeans, on the plane. After which, we were free to claim our baggage and depart.


  1. andrea

    Heh. When I did the Perth-Albany trip with Mum and Aunt, I drove the entire way. Actually, I was the driver for the whole holiday; watching my mum get really flustered driving a Ford after being used to a Volvo freaked ME out.

  2. vantan

    According to my mum’s calculations, we covered about 2000km in total around Western Australia. I’m just so glad I didn’t fall asleep at the wheel or kill any furry little creatures along the way!

  3. andrea

    I was most amused when we pulled up at gas stations and 1) my mum has never pumped gas in her life, so she was waiting for us to get service, and 2) one of the stations we stopped at had such an old gas pump even I didn’t know how to operate it, so the staff had to help!
    I don’t think we did 2000km, but coffee was my friend for those hours when everyone was napping and what was I doing? Driving through flat country roads. I’ve actually got a whole essay on my holiday tucked away on my hard drive, with photos taken ‘on the road’.

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