Perth report

The pantry and sitting area
My sister is living in a resort, I say. The food is great (while the parents are around anyway), the teachers are pleasant, the rooms are bright and new, and the pantry/lounge area looks like a service apartment, as you can see from the photo above.
It’s like, the education is incidental. Heh.
We only had a few hours to go shopping, so all I bought myself was a pair of shoes, and a few goodies for my colleagues. Dad and I spent one morning at a driving range. We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant and met up with Vicki’s guardians. And … that was it for CNY in Perth.
I have some nice photos to put up but I’m too lazy to do an album. Funny how, two years ago, doing online photo galleries was a big part of my job. Anyway, if you know of a good PHP photo album I can easily install, please post a comment.


  1. Hazel

    Happy CNY Van! And yes, the hall looks more like a serviced apt than a hall… I thought you’d just got a new place! So much nicer than creaky old Hawthorns of the million and one fire doors…

  2. Vanessa Bhasi

    hey that friend with same name, Tis’ me, your sister’s roomate, lol, I’m doing shakespeare in drama and i’m totally getting into it. It’s so cool, oh and by the way… Your sister is so great! I’m pretty sure she’s enjoying herself! She not talking to the aussie girls… well, not much anyways, i think she’s just shy, but she’ll come around… it’s hard to type with her looking over my shoulder, and giving comments and asking questions about every word i type lol!

  3. vantan

    Hello my dear namesake! Haha that’s funny, Vicki looking anxiously over your shoulder. I can almost imagine it now.
    Well I hope you girls are enjoying yourselves. My sister hasn’t emailed her family (or at least, me) yet!!! Ahem!

  4. Kristen

    google for snapgallery by onfocus and dpwnload from there. it’s pretty good – though it occasionally crashed on WIN98 2nd edition. works beautifully on XP though.

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