Day 2 – Going South

Me about to eat my huge lunch
Mm! This is a photo of me at Cafe Coyote, one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Old Town area of San Diego. Because there are so few Mexican restaurants in Singapore, I wanted to try as much Mexican food as possible while I was over here.
Gelato 1 The other highlight was visiting my uncles’ new Gelato shop. It’s called Mondo Gelato. I’m not an ice-cream fan and the same generally goes for gelato. However when I tasted a few samples I knew these guys had something good going.
They have 38 flavours at the moment but can make up to 100 different types. If you’re in San Diego, check it out at 435 Tenth Avenue. Here’s their branch webpage. You can even befriend them on Myspace! Also check out customers’ reviews on Yelp.
We also visited two factory outlets where I bought some new tops. Finally we had a massive dinner at Peppino’s. Their portions were huge! Their meatballs are larger than tennis balls! We had to pack our main courses home.
I get the impression that American Italian food tends to involve generous dollops of generic tomato sauce, and portions are simply large. For me, the best Italian food is still in Italy. And within the US, the best Italian food I’ve had so far, is in New York.


  1. Ivan Chew

    I can see you’re enjoying yourself. You look so… happy. Stress-free in fact. In all the meetups in Singapore so far, I don’t think I’ve seen you like that! So un-serious. So un-VanTan, LOL!

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