Exercising with Nike+

I’ve never been an exercise junkie. Getting a ‘Gold’ rating for my physical fitness in my second year at Junior College was much the exception to the norm, as I was normally too lazy to exercise. As a geek I’d rather sit at my computer, surf websites and blog (like what I’m doing now).
Updating my exercise data on iTunes Until Nike and Apple got together and decided to do something special. I bought my Nike+ shoes and kit, followed by a red Nano (the AIDS edition). I started exercising again because I was so impressed with the way the two companies had integrated their services together.
However I initially had trouble logging in on my G5 mac (it can’t access any https sites as well as the Nikeplus.com site). So tonight I decided to sync my Nano to this Dell laptop instead. It managed to connect to the Flash-based Nikeplus.com website.
Overview of my runs / walks It showed me a summary of all my runs so far. Well actually I ran once around a lake at the Botanical Gardens, but that was about it. Everything else was brisk walking at best. And in crowded areas it’s difficult to walk fast.
Overview of my longest run/walk so far This is a detailed analysis of my walk and run at the Botanical Gardens. You can tell I stopped moving at a certain point. I think this was when we all got caught in the rain and were standing under a shelter. Incidentally, after I had completed and saved my workout, NeilLance Armstrong’s voice came in through my headphones, congratulating me on my ‘longest workout yet’. How cool is that?!?! That made me want to break my new record so I might hear another Nike+ celebrity, like Maria Sharapova.
So all in all, it’s a kit worth having especially if you’re a geek. This is because 1) at least you’ll know how to use all these gadgets , 2) and you probably aren’t exercising enough right now, anyway.


  1. Jason Ho

    oh man this is totally wicked. I didn’t know that the shoe and iPod thingy are already in Singapore.
    Van, you a real techy gal aint ya? šŸ˜‰

  2. Jason Ho

    woah..was searching online about this Nike+ thingy and noticed that there are widgets and blog accessories that allows you to post your current exercise regime, your target, etc etc..
    this is sooooo cool!! wanna put it up? :p

  3. XPDude

    Where did you get your Nike+iPod kit? Just curious to know cause I have no idea that they had started selling in Singapore.

  4. vantan

    Hi XPDude,
    I bought the whole package in Australia – shoes with transmitter+receiver kit. I heard from a S’pore Nike store employee that the transmitter+receiver will arrive in April. Some Nike+ shoes have already arrived in Singapore. (Strange cos I thought they should bring in the shoes and kit at the same time!)

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