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Yes, I have restored the Menu section to its former glory, after numerous checks for bugs in my contact form. My ‘About’ section has been updated/rewritten. It’s nice to get mails from you.
And another thing. After many years of ridiculing this practice, I decided to relent, and rebond my hair. Like, yesterday. It’s really weird because my hair doesn’t feel like … my hair! They raked in lots of thick pasty chemicals, steamed my hair (twice, because my hair is that resistant) and then ironed it even flatter. At one stage they re-pasted my hair and spread them out on sheets of foil. I looked like a Samurai!
All in all, I had to sit at the salon for four hours. Thank God for recent copies of the Economist and Home Living. (While I was preoccupied with something else, the ladies attending to my hair quietly took away my copy of the Economist and eventually replaced it with a few trashy mags)
So anyway, my hair is amazingly tame now. Previously, all I’d need was a strong wind to mess things up again. Now, everything will fall into place … just like those Vidal Sassoon / Pantene / Organics ads. Swoooosh!
Read on to view pictures…

Rebond girl
Rebond girl with specs


  1. deb

    *blows a loud and loooooong whistle*
    chio bu! 😉
    Hey you look great! Makes me wonder if I should get my hair rebonded too. Hmm…(not-so-)peer pressure.

  2. Bel

    *wolf whistle*
    Looking v good indeed!
    Believe it or not, I liked the old ‘messy’ hair, although you might disagree completely with me on that.

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