Just after 11pm yesterday, I was at the Esso station along River Valley Road. I had just used the cash machine inside the station and was walking back to my car, which had been refuelled.
Behind me, I heard a small commotion. The cashier was running after a male customer, asking him if he had dropped his credit card. I looked inside my own handbag to make sure I hadn’t lost anything. The male customer looked at the card and said it wasn’t his. He then came over to me to ask if it was my card. I looked at the name. No wonder – a female name was listed on the card. I told the man that it wasn’t my card. He then passed it to a pump attendant.
I then noticed that another customer’s car was just driving off. I gestured to the attendant, suggesting that maybe the card belonged to one of the passengers in that car. He dashed off but couldn’t catch up with the car as it went back onto the main road. I tried waving to the driver but he didn’t see me. Fortunately, the car stopped at the nearest traffic light and the attendant eventually reached the car.
I didn’t manage to see if there was a happy ending as I was already back in my own car, about to drive off. However I thought that everybody was quite honourable and went out of their way to look for the person who had lost her card.
I say kudos to those working at the pump for going out of their way to help a customer.