A warm, bubbly feeling

I received something in the mail today – a food and beverage trade newsletter from California. But, more than that, it was a demonstration in following through and having good manners.
You see, it all started with me posting a picture I took of a stack of Touche bottles (it’s a pleasant sort of champagne-beer drink, made in Singapore).
The editor of this trade newsletter found my pic and had the decency to ask for permission to use it for her next issue. She offered to give me credit by putting my name beside the photograph, but all I wanted was a copy of the magazine.
Actually I didn’t expect to get anything after I sent her a higher-quality version of the photograph. I’ve contributed articles to local magazines and nobody would tell me which issue my work would appear in. And, forget about asking for free copies!
But this time, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the editor not only sent me the newsletter with the Touche article in it, but typed out a full-page letter to me, thanking me once again for the last-minute notice in getting me to send her the photograph I took.
I was mildly disappointed to read, however, that another photograph was used instead (it looked like the brewery had sent an official pic to them, fair enough). However the editor was still grateful for my help, and said she could add me to her mailing list for subsequent issues.
Now, isn’t that nice?


  1. Queenie

    Aye aye! That’s great penmanship and customer service and marketing all rolled into one. Moral of the story: take pictures of your alkie??? 😉

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