Merry Christmas everybody!!!

Santa on my Christmas tree
I just attended the midnight service at St George’s – and I’m happy to report that my father decided join me, my sis and grandma.
We got back at 1.30 am, much later than expected, and my mother was up waiting for us. We all exchanged presents. Mum got a beautiful Canon digital Ixus from Dad. Dad got the shaver he asked for, from his daughters. The photo montage I did for mum is still at the printer’s, so in the meantime I got her a book of quotations, beautifully adorned. I bought my sister the Rick Astley album she wanted.
As for myself: I haven’t had the strength to open my own presents and I’m kind of past the age where you just have to count your spoils before you go to sleep. The new St George’s website will hopefully launch this week. Design-wise I believe there are no objections, but there is a lot of content to add in.
To all a good night, and good night to all!