Over the weekend…

I finally purchased a licence for Transmit, possibly the best FTP software for Macintosh. I got tired of using their free 10-minute sessions for unlicenced users, especially seeing how I’m likely to help other friends upgrade their weblogs in the near future.
I completed reading Lawrence Lessig’s first book, Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace. Funny how I started by reading his later books first, and ended with this one. He had an interesting chapter on Intellectual Property. This book is currently being revised by readers using Wiki, which well suits the nature of his work.
I completed reading a Christian book on Deliverance and Inner Healing. It is quite disturbing to know that even Christians can fall under demonic influence, even if they cannot be totally possessed by them. Very often it is a root problem, left unresolved, that leaves the person vulnerable to influence or attack.
I had an excellent jam session with two band members last evening. In two hours we completed A Night In Tunisia, Here’s That Rainy Day, and So Nice (Summer Samba). Our bassist and drummer got their rhythm synchronised, which makes it easier for me to concentrate on improvisation.
I just watched poor Newcastle bow out 0-2 to Manchester United. The team seem to be constantly plagued with injuries to good players – this time, Kieron Dyer and little Emre. But certainly Man U had better finishing power, with the strike force I’d like to call Van Nistelrooney.