National Day Parade preparations

My sister and I will be attending our very first National Day Parade (NDP) tomorrow. We will be shooting videos and taking photos. Have any of you attended NDP before? Any tips for us?
Our equipment: a HD video camera, a Nikon D70 SLR and my own Canon Ixus 50.
Oh, and we ordered Final Cut Studio yesterday. Heard it arrived this afternoon 🙂 Can’t wait to play with it 🙂


  1. vantan

    Thanks miccheng. We will definitely go early. Already heard in the news that we should arrive before 4pm and that the security clearance itself will take half an hour!
    Glad to hear we can bring tripod stand. I think we will need it for shooting the video. Hope other Singaporeans don’t block it or trip over it.

  2. walter

    So fortunate of you guys. Go and enjoy and remember to tell us all about it! I wonder what we should do this National Day… hmmm…

  3. Miccheng

    There’ll be tons of pple vying for the best shots… so dun be shy.
    Most of all… do put down your gear once in a while just to soak in the atmosphere. Its quite a sight – and slightly contagious.
    Do u feel the patriotic vibes coming thru? 😀

  4. vantan

    I feel somewhat more patriotic now. NDP was less contrived than I thought it would be.
    You’re right about taking a break. During the fireworks bit, I saw everything through my lens. My hand got tired and I stopped shooting for a few seconds. Watching the fireworks with my bare eyes was unbeatable. Not even hi-res photographs or videos can capture the moment when these huge showers of light are almost above you, like in a huge iMax theatre!

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