You know you’ve spent too much time in Second Life when…

Got this post via Kevin.
I’d like to add a few more. You know you’re spending too much time in Second Life when:

  1. You feel you’re actually NOT spending enough time in Second Life
  2. You start to believe that the world is really filled with beautiful people
  3. You start calling other Second Life players by their Second Life names (I do that!)
  4. It’s OK to skip dinner in real life, because your Avatar just consumed a load of cheese, champagne and oysters
  5. You lapse into acronyms and expect others to understand when you say ‘RL’ and ‘SL’
  6. You wish you could just teleport yourself from one meeting to another, thus saving yourself minutes of valuable time
  7. You wish that you could burn your own calories by making your Avatar dance or run all night
  8. You start writing posts like this.

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